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ようこそ! This is the homepage of me, kenizl86! Home to many words (some smart, most not, others are fake) and quite a lot of sillyness.


On this website you will find a lot of blahblah words. I was initially trying to post weekly between Sundays and Tuesdays, but that’s proven to be “too difficult” (because…… yeah). So instead it’s more like bi-weekly/monthly/whenever-I-remember-to-do-it (the latest post had over 2 months lag-time!). And if you want to know some more about me, check out my About page.

Song of the week: ‘Till It’s Over, by Tristram. One of the final songs on Just Shapes and Beats, which I flippin’ loved.

Click around and enjoy!

Btw, there was a copyright, but honestly who cares. kenizl86 has decided to be Public Domain baby!